• The Psychology

    of Performance

    Helping Artists and Athletes Reach Their Full Potential

  • We help artists and athletes bring out the best in themselves and each other.

    By understanding how our histories, personalities, and relationships influence performance, we build plans for meaningful, measurable change.

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    Actors, comedians, musicians, writers, directors, visual artists. Film crews, theatre companies, bands.

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    Players, teams, coaches, front office.

  • Process

    We do not believe in one-size-fits-all.


    Our approach goes beyond typical peak performance training because of the depth of assessment involved. We look beyond symptoms to find the root causes of performance problems and examine them in the context of the complex relationships your job entails.


    Why relationships? Because study after study demonstrate that the quality of our relationships–with both others and ourselves–is the key to sustained growth and change.

    Our workflow

    What does the typical lifecycle of our process look like?

    1. Assess

    Individual and group analysis of problems and goals grounded in psychological science.

    2. Agree

    Define a mission, create a plan of action, choose benchmarks for success.

    3. Act

    Implement, collect data. Practice, practice, practice.

    4. Adjust

    Examine performance data. Identify obstacles that arise. If necessary, deepen assessment, strengthen agreements, and return to action.

    5. Achieve

    Drink champagne. Sparkling cider acceptable. See the numbers.

  • Meet Our Team

    Founder Profile

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    Dr. Jay Soucy

    Principal, Psychologist

    Dr. Soucy is a clinical psychologist who specializes in performance. With a background as an actor and musician, he understands the unique challenges of the creative and performing arts and has a deep passion for helping people harness their creativity, thrive in high-pressure situations, and succeed on grand stages.


    He earned BA in Film Studies from Columbia University and a Doctorate in Psychology from the Wright Institute in Berkeley. Dr. Soucy is also in private practice in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

  • Connect With Us

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